Sunday, September 11, 2011

The Season Begins!

With classes starting tomorrow, the quizbowl season is upon us!

Our practices will be at the same place and time as last year: 6:30 on Monday and Wednesday, in Leighton 202 (turn left after walking in).

Our tournament schedule is as follows:

Sept. 17: VCU Open Trash at Minnesota (1st weekend)

This is a mirror of a trash (quizbowl jargon for pop culture) tournament to which we hope to send a team or two. 

Sept. 24: Early Autumn Collegiate Novice at Minnesota (2nd weekend)

The first proper tournament of the year, this is one of the ideal opportunities for new students to play. The tournament is restricted to novices and intended to provide the style of college quizbowl in a maximally welcoming environment.

October 15: MOO (Missiles of October) at Minnesota (5th weekend)

This is a regular difficulty tournament (i.e. intended for more experienced players but still worthwhile for newer players) written by the Universities of Virginia and Michigan.

October 22: MAGNI at Carleton (6th weekend)

We will host MAGNI, a tournament written by Jerry Vinokurov and players from Yale and UCSD, at Carleton. The tournament aims to be very accessible for newer players while challenging experienced ones as well. We will be hosting this tournament, which means much of the team will be staffing, though we will have a team or two playing.

November 5: ACF Fall at Carleton (8th weekend)

ACF Fall, a yearly lower-difficulty tournament regarded as one of the most consistently excellent in quizbowl, is being edited by our very own Carsten Gehring this year. We will be hosting this tournament as well, though it is likely that more of our team will be able to play than at MAGNI.

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